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About IMDC Consulting Ltd.

IMDC Consulting, an independently-owned enterprise, has thrived since its establishment in 2006. Our journey began with boundless passion and unwavering enthusiasm, and our steadfast believe in our mission has only grown stronger over time.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals committed to delivering exceptional products and services.

At the forefront of our expertise is Pit, our Machining Guru, whose unparalleled talents have been honed over three decades in the industry. There is no question that escapes his grasp, and his precision in work can rival that of the CNC machines he expertly operates.

Joy-Dee and Shelli serve as the guiding lights in our business development endeavors. They radiate kindness and delight in every interaction, always attentive to your needs and inquiries.

We hold deep gratitude for every member of our team, as they have become integral parts of our extended family. Mutual care and support define our collaborative ethos.

Our motivation springs from our past achievements, and we find immense gratification in witnessing the happiness and satisfaction of our valued customers. Confidence in our abilities and unwavering dedication drive us to continually provide the outstanding service our customers rightly deserve.

Challenges are embraced as opportunities for growth, as they empower us to become even more adept and resilient. Our work environment is built upon a foundation of mutual respect, fostering a sense of unity that allows us to function harmoniously as a single entity.

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